Crane Beach House Swimwear Editorial

The editorial was styled by Michelle Parparian of House of Vintage and make up and hair was done by Kristin Brown. We had a beautiful day and awesome location. I have photographed at the Crane Beach House in Delray Beach before for some promo images for Mike Mineo. As soon as I arrived at the hotel for that shoot I immediately wanted to use the location for fashion. The hotel has a great vibe and a great pastel color scheme. Michelle did a really great job understanding my vision for wardrobe and fitting it to the hotel's colors.

We started off the day with model Jennifer Keller.



Michelle Gingold was our second model. It was her first time modeling, but by the end of the day she knew what she was doing.

 After shooting all day we made it down to the beach and took advantage of a beautiful sunset.

Angie Myers came out and helped out with the shoot and also took some behind the scenes video. Check out her blog, The Luxe Studio. I'm used to being behind the camera and was a little nervous about being on video. As you can see in the video, I like to have a little bit of comic relief and have some fun.

Alex Markow Summer Shoot from Angeline Myers on Vimeo.


Sunfest 2010 with ZZ Top, Bedouin Soundclash, Albert Castiglia, and Ladies and Gentlemen

I haven't been shooting as many shows as I used to due to school and work, but I got a chance to shoot the Thursday of Sunfest. ZZ Top is iconic as you can get with their matching beards and dance moves. The guys played their instruments effortlessly and looked as if they could play forever.


Brothers, For Mom

Due to traffic the two brothers arrived a bit late and we had to work quick. Trevor and Alex were pretty relaxed for the shoot and things went smoothly with what time we had before the sun went down. I tried to give them a mix of natural images and some posed. After the beach, we headed back to my house for some posed images with a white background.

The brothers gave their mother two prints for her birthday. She was crying within seconds. It's a good feeling when your images can have such an impact.


Eric and Ashley

My engagement session with Eric and Ashley was photographed in Delray Beach. My goal of the shoot was to get creative with different environments.

It was a great day and we were able to shoot at the beach as the sun set.

Going along with an idea to photograph the couple as if they were having a "night out on the town", this was taken at the couples favorite restaurant as we looked over the pictures and had a drink. 


Fashion Styling: Make Up and Glamor

Got a chance to shoot for the first time this semester with the Fashion Styling class at school. The theme for the day was make up and glamor. Here are my two favorites from the day.