Influenced Styled by Elisa Santiago Walshe

These shots were styled by Elisa Santiago Walshe for the Fashion Styling class at school. The assignment was an influence project where you picked an ad and tried to imitate it. These were influenced by an Emporio Armani ad with really pale skin, black and white, with high contrast. The first shot is quite similar to the original ad, but the second shot is more of me just getting creative and switching up the lighting. These were all shot with a beauty dish and the use of a large white v flat.

Model: Emily Freedman


Tunics for Fashion Styling Class

I am getting back into working with the Fashion Styling class over at school. These tunics were designed by Mehreen Mushtaq. She also styled the shoot. For the lighting with the first model, I wanted more of bright clean catalog type of look to match with the vibrant colors of the tunic. For the second model, I used some more dramatic lighting for an evening look.

Model: Renata Guimaraes

Model: Anam Sheik

Suarez Soiree

I really just enjoy taking pictures. Even when I'm out having a good time with friends. Even better, when I'm on South Beach for a good friend's birthday party and everyone is raging. Here are the photos....

Happy Birthday to this guy


I took it easy on the drinking because I was driving and also photographed the Nas and Damian Marley show that night, but my friend had other plans. He ended up passing out on my floor before I headed out for the show. I didn't get to say goodbye so I left a note for him. (Excuse the mess)



5 Palms Fashion Shoot

Thanks to Claire Collins, I was able to get access to shoot at the relatively new condo building 5 Palms located in Boca Raton. We were able to shoot in the model unit which had a great design to it. The shoot was styled by Tiairrra Green and make up was done by Chantelle Tarride.

Model: Sole del Real

Model: Natalia Stines



Nas and Damian Marley at Pompano Beach Amphitheatre 8-22-2010

I was able to catch some of Nas and Damian Marley's set at Bonnaroo, but was looking forward to photographing them up close. The show was high energy with Nas leading the show for the most part. I knew the first song was going to be the two of them performing so I went with my wide angle lens. I concentrated on getting the both of them in the frame as they bounced around. I switched to my 24-70mm lens for the third song for some close up shots.

Gyptian opened up for Nas and Damian


Crunch Gym Anniversary in South Beach 8-10-2010

Got the chance to photograph Crunch Gym's Anniversary party at their location in South Beach. Once again I was reminded that Miami Beach is the sexiest place on earth.


Test with Sole

Sole has a great look with her tattoos and piercings with even more tattoos to come. This test was kind of a spur of the moment thing and we ended up shooting in our friend Sara's backyard. I wanted to make it interesting so I pulled Sara's white couch out of her living room and put it in the middle of the yard. These were actually shot at dusk.

We ended up hanging out and having a few beers over by the inter coastal bridge.


The Crystal Method at Gryphon 8-13-2010

As soon as the guys of The Crystal Method got on the decks their DJ skills were on display. The guys have been at it for some time now, but haven't let up. Through out their set the guys bounced around and were in it just as much as the crowd. It was my first time shooting in a club with my new wide angle lens, the Tokina 11-16mm 2.8. It's great for tight situations such as the DJ booth. Here are the best photos from the night. See the full gallery over at Irockparties.com


Broward Bares It! Burlesque Show

I made it out to Passion at Hard Rock for The Broward House's event Broward Bares It! It was an interested evening to say the least. There were male and female burlesque shows, guys in drag, and all sorts of characters. The charity event was an HIV/Aids fundraiser. Check out the full gallery over at New Times.

This guy performed to Kid Rock's "Bawitdaba"


Steve Aoki at Club Cinema 8-10-10

Got my first gig for New Times! The crowd for Steve Aoki at Club Cinema was livid and the place was steaming. Through out the night I continually had to wipe the fog of my lens from how hot it was in the place. Aoki went all out, all night, spraying the crowd with bottles of champagne and hoping around stage. Check out the full gallery over at New Times


Gryphon with David Solano and Pangea 8-6-2010

Another night at Gryphon and Pangea. Got a chance to get up to the room over looking Gryphon and got some cool shots of the club. David Solano was bringing it and had the crowd going. Check out the full gallery over at Irockparties.com


Marco V at Gryphon 7-30-2010

It's been forever since I've been to Gryphon with the last time being Dubfire. It was the old stomping ground. Marco V from the Netherlands kept the energy up.  I also spent some time in the neighboring club, Pangea. Here are the best photos from the night. The full gallery can be found at IRockParties.com



I'm making a push to display my art in a gallery so I thought I'd share my work. Here is the edit I have put together. Prints are available. Check it out full screen


Boris At Monarchy

   I haven't shot very much in the clubs lately, but after Warped Tour I headed out to Monarchy in West Palm Beach for Boris. I was so burnt out from the day in the sun. With a couple cups of coffee and house music I was good to go. One of the things I look for when I'm out shooting nightlife is to catch someone in their own little world enjoying themselves. I also try to get some cool shots with long exposures and blurred light. My favorite has to be the dancers. They are also probably the hardest to shoot since they're moving the whole time. Let them know you're taking their picture and they will probably help you out.