Best of the Best Day 2 2011

Miami, FL- It was a day of "big ups" and "shout outs". Reggae and hip hop. The majority of performers were given three or four songs on stage. I did learn some new dance moves, taught by none other then Shabba Ranks. Two noteworthy appearances were Busta Rhymes and Ludacris coming out to join DJ Khaled. Check out the full gallery over at Miami New Times

And how about an impromptu photo shoot in the middle of Biscayne Blvd?


Jello Wrestling at Boston Johnny's

Hollywood, FL- I remember during my glorious high school years me and my friends attempted to have a jello wrestling party. It turned into a baby oil wrestling party. And unfortunately it turned into a guy wrestling a girl party. There was just an element missing for some reason. Fail....

This time, at Boston Johnny's, the Gold Coast Derby Girls team was holding a jello wrestling fundraiser. The key is the jello. It's not your typical put in the refrigerator jello. It comes in powder form and when mixed in water creates a nice gelatinous mix. These girls got into it. Check out the full gallery over at New Times


Girl Talk at the Miami Fillmore 5-19-11

Miami Beach, FL- Girl Talk takes mash ups and mixes to another level. It's almost like you can play the game of "guess that sample" when listening to his music. I kinda wished I didn't have my camera and bag with me so I could of gotten my dance on. Tough to shake what ya momma gave you in such a tight space with out worrying about your gear. I did stay to the end. Two steppin like a geezard. Check out the full gallery over at Skope.


The Story Behind the Picture: Le Blorr at the Delano

Last month I did a feature on Le Blorr for my column over at Skope. I really wanted to do a legit shoot for the main photo of the article and figured since they were playing at the Florida Room in the Delano Hotel, I could possibly swing the chance to shoot in a hotel room. I was able to work it out and arranged for a 4 hour window to use the room.

A few of the final arrangements weren't confirmed till the day before, but I went to bed that night thinking I had gotten everything set and we would be good to go. I thought should have plenty of time with the goal of a few different shots. Well, sometimes things don't go as planned.

So to start the day, one model cancels that morning and my window of time gets cut back an hour. Luckily, the stylist for the shoot, Tiffany Azmouz, was a trooper and was able to step in and model for me. No problem, I was prepared for the shoot and didn't necessarily need that long to get the shot. Next, the band, who had traveled down that day from Melbourne, FL (a few hours away), got caught up and doesn't make it till I have an hour left to be completely out of the hotel room.

My original goal was the main group shot and also do some individual ones of the guys. With out much time I had to focus on the group shot. So the lights are already set up, I talk things over with the guys of Le Blorr, and I've got 20 minutes to shoot. Sometimes you gotta just make it happen. We got the shot and I was stoked with the result. Thanks to Chantelle Tarride for make up.

Later that night the band played at the Florida Room. The place was filled with entrepenuers from a conference being held in Miami and they were in for a rude awakening. One minute the DJ was spinning and the next Le Blorr plugged in took over. Check out the article for my interview with the band.


New Times Cupcake Battle and Art Institute Fashion Show at Las Olas Food & Wine Festival

Fort Lauderdale, FL- I covered the New Times Cupcake Battle this past Friday at the Las Olas Food & Wine Festival. Of course I sampled some, and some more, and a few more. They were basically my dinner and after 10 or so cupcakes I was not feeling to hot. Check out the full gallery over at New Times.

An interesting street snapshot

I also caught up with some friends from AI and checked out their Food and Wine inspired fashion show