Edition 1 Art and Music Event at The Black Rose

Boca Raton, FL- It was a fun night all around since I got to DJ a bit, have a photo booth and was able to take pictures for New Times. A few artists sold some art, the bands that played inside kicked ass, and of course Mark Kincaid and myself took care of the music outside. My friend and rapper Jonny Lyrks also performed outside. Check out the slideshow over at New Times.

My pops and I. The full gallery is posted over on my Alex Markow Photography Facebook page


Hellzapopping Sideshow Freaks at Speak Easy Lounge

Lake Worth, FL- Nails, swords, broken glass, these guys did it all. The sideshow made for great photos. I even got to check out their tour bus with all sorts of freaky goodies inside. Check out the full slideshow over at New Times


Altier Boca Raton Grand Opening

Boca Raton, FL- I photographed the Altier Grand reopening for Haute Living this past week. The store was recently remodeled and the celebration included a charity auction for the Boys and Girls Club and also a performance by Qwote.

Bobby Yampolsky, Rita Case, Rick Case & Cutler Altier

Danielle Ferrera & Will Altier 

DJ Crunchtime

Cutler Altier

Bobby Yampolsky

Rick Case, Bobby Yampolsky, Will Altier, & Cutler Altier


Nadastrom at Grand Central 2-18-12

 Miami, FL- Here are some photos from my night out at Grand Central with Nadastrom performing. It was actually my first time bring a camera into the venue. I didn't want my camera to prevent me from dancing so I kept it light and brought my camera and just my 35mm 1.8 lens. Not on assignment or anything, it was one of those nights where I have a drink in one hand and my camera in the other. I had a great time and Nadastrom played a great set.


Jonny Lyrks "Words from the Burbs 2.0" Mixtape cover

Words from the Burbs 2.0 is now out and you can go download it over at Hot New Hip Hop. I continued the visual theme of the first mixtape cover I did with Lyrks. We actually shot this just outside of my house. I also took care of the graphic design. Check out the music video I did for "Pardon the Smell".



Tuscon Saddletramps vs Gold Coast Derby Grrls

Lake Worth, FL- Roller derby is for real. There's a league, official referees, and fans to support. Competition is fierce. I kind of have an idea of how it is played, but even if you don't know, it is still an entertaining sport to watch. It's cool how the eccentricity of the sports brings together all sorts of people. There were even guys tailgating! Check out the full gallery over at New Times.