Peru with The Kula Collective

As part of my trip to Peru I connected with The Kula Collective to travel a bit and also make a film for them documenting the Facilitator Intensive that they offer as part of their teachings. We first headed up into the mountains of Lares to go for a hike and visit the hot springs. On the way we stopped in Calca to get supplies at the market.

The facilitator intensive that Zach and Jessi put together in the Sacred Valley was really great with an awesome group. Here's the video that I produced for them:

We hiked to a sacred ruins site just above the retreat that we stayed at. 

Cusco, Peru

Cusco, Peru- When I first got to Cusco I headed right to the Plaza de Armas. They just happened to be having a parade to celebrate Virgen de Navidad. All the vibrant colors of dress were amazing.

I then met up with Jaya Saraswati to create some images and a short film to promote their album. 

It's wild that a city such as Cusco exists above 11,000 ft elevation.