Birdhouse Miami to NYC Skate Tour

On a recent assignment from New Times, I got the chance to meet Tony Hawk on his Birdhouse Miami to NYC Skate Tour. Unfortunately I missed the demo by the pros, but was able to get some behind the scenes photos of the guys hanging out. A guy known as Funky added to his autograph collection by having the skate pros tattoo their signature on his back. "Funky" supposedly has the record for tattooed autographs. Check out the full slideshow over at New Times.


Bonnaroo 2011

Manchester, TN- Here's some of what I wrote for an article:

"It was summertime in Manchester, Tennessee and the skies were their signature blue and were dominated by the brutal sun. The campgrounds were treacherous with dust in the air and the occasional horse droppings.

The landscape of Bonnaroo is truly unique. The farm’s grass, the trees, the various tents and attractions. The cast of characters of Bonnaroo will amuse you. There are crazy hats, hilarious signs and an enthusiasm for the festival that carries it though."

I was walking across one of the fields to go from one tent to another when this guy caught my eye. 

I have a photograph of him from Bonnaroo in 2008 that's in my portfolio. I recognized him by the cross on his forearm, among other things. When I first met him he literally just sat in the same place, frozen in his own little world, for quite a while. Let's just say this time he wasn't exactly alert. 

My com padres 

Of course one needs refreshments when its almost 100 degrees out. 

Originally I wasn't that stoked about my photos from Bonnaroo. I was bummed that I did not have access to the photo pits this year and actually didn't photograph that much. That's kind of what has kept me from posting these photos for a while.What I did shoot was more from the perspective of a normal festival attendee.   Looking back on them now, with a lot of time in between, I think the final edit does portray what I wanted. As I look at these photos the feeling of oppressive heat and being really dirty comes back to me. Still, I can't wait for next year.

Bitchy Bingo at Lips

Ft. Lauderdale, FL-  Here are some unpublished photos from my assignment with New Times to photograph Bitchy Bingo at  Lips. The drag show was definitely an interesting thing to photograph. You can also see the article about Bitchy Bingo or check out the slideshow at Newtimes.