Art Basel: Bloo Zoo

After spending three days working for World Redeye covering Art Basel I was able to take Saturday off and along with my friend Mark Kincaid, I got to DJ at Bloo Zoo in Wynwood. It was my first official DJ gig and I was stoked for all my friends to come out. Of course I took photos of the event and my adventures to other galleries. I also had my MONOTONY KILLS piece up for display. 

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Mark Kincaid


Quite Legendary Music Blog

It has been about six months since I started DJing and now I have started a music blog. Check out the Quite Legendary Tumblr! We have also started using ustream to broadcast our radio show. You can listen to Quite Legendary radio on Monday nights from 6-9pm. Check out our Facebook or Twitter to keep up to date. 


Le Blorr at Funky Buddha 11-17-11

Boca Raton, FL- It was good to catch up with the guys of Le Blorr during their show at the Funky Buddha last night. The guys have been super busy touring and have been working on some new material. Some new tunes will be coming soon. I've also started a music blog called Quite Legendary and have posted some music from the guys so check it out!


Black Star at the Miami Fillmore

Miami Beach, FL- I can't tell you how many hip hop shows I have been to that just weren't worth it. A good hip hop show has to be more then someone rapping over a beat. Black Star definitely delivered. With their DJ, J Rocc, orchestrating the beats perfectly, Talib Kweli and Mos Def (now known as Yassin Bey) showed Miami what a good hip hop show is like. You could tell the guys really enjoyed performing together and their chemistry showed it. Here are my favorites from the show, which was opened by Black Rob.

Black Rob