Where's Wall Street?

New York City, New York- I recently visited my brother who lives in the financial district of New York City. I was struck by the repetition of what the people of Wall Street were wearing. Business attire. Similar colors. Safe for a business professional. Briefcase or backpack. There is a certain look to those that work on wall street. I decided to focus on capturing the patterns I saw. To capture the people of Wall Street on their commute. Head down. Focused on their phone. They have somewhere to go. Among others they can blend in or stand out from a crowd. I am calling this series "Where's Wall Street?"


Greece Celebrates NO Vote in Syntagma Square

Athens, Greece- I just so happened to be in Athens for a production during the referendum vote for Greece on wether to continue with the austerity measures of the EU. With a NO vote the Greeks are making a stand for what they believe in. Even with the future of Greece uncertain it truly was a celebration in Syntagma Square when the results were announced.