Redbull Music Academy Culture Clash at Grand Central 10-24-2013

Miami, FL- Redbull put on an awesome event and it honestly was the craziest show I have ever been to. The four teams competed for the crowds vote and the energy for each round that the crews put into it was insane. Everyone was going nuts. Special guests included Trick Daddy, Diplo, Walshy Fire, JT Money, Noreaga, Quad City DJ's, Serani and the 69 Boyz. Team Basshead took the crown, but Slow Roast, Moombahton Massive, & Black Chiney also put on a great show. I actually was attending the event as a fan and brought my camera to take some pics. I didn't think I was going to shoot that much and just enjoy it, but with all the madness that was happening I ended up shooting all night.

Team Basshead 

69 Boyz

Trick Daddy 

Team Slow Roast 



Craze and Louie Arson

Team Moombahton Massive

Dave Nada & Sabo


TEam Black Chiney with Eccentrix Sound


Diplo and Walshy Fire

Pepe Billete

Sam Baum