I did this shoot a while back with model Julia Romashko. She asked me to help her add some swimsuit looks to her portfolio. The swimsuits are by Ali Grief and make up was done by Michelle Mari.


Camera Phone!

Photography all started for me when I bought my first simple point and shoot camera. I used to bring it everywhere. Now, with my new phone, the Evo, I can once again have a camera with me at all times. Here are some photos that I have taken with my phone. The camera has 8 megapixels, but in low light is pretty horrendous.

Art Basel


Local Market

Thrift Store Special!

Dolphins Lost


Stunna Stachetastic!

Stunna Shades


Tacky Christmas Sweater Party

The good ole tacky Christmas sweater party. One thing that I found out while thrift store shopping for an outfit is that I wear a size 14 in woman's. My pants and jacket were both from the woman's section. Tacky was my game. Thanks to Chris and Russell for throwing the party and for everyone who came and was decked out.  The photo set came together awesome and the photos are hilarious. Merry Christmas!

You can see the rest of the photos and order a print or see the gallery on Facebook


Chris and Russell

Chris, and the beard is for real

Ron Burgundy: Christmas Edition

The Crew

It definitely got interesting as the night went on. 


Living Room Portraits

I recently bought a large white sheet to use as a light diffuser and decided to try it out by setting up a studio in my living room. It's always cool to try something new with no pressure and have friends to photograph and goof off. These are all just edited through Lightroom with the first one being the only one through Photoshop. Here are the results.

Chris and his ridiculous beard





Here are two that Mike took of Chris and I