International Noise Conference 2016

Miami, FL- Loud. Experiemental. Weird. Amazing. Terrible. All things you could say about International Noise Conference. There's nothing quite like Churchill's during INC. Here are my favorites from the week and you can view the full gallery and a review by David Rolland at New Times.


Jello Wrestling at Sweet Liberty

Miami Beach, FL-  Jell-O Wrestling seems to always draw attention wherever it is. The debaucle was hosted by Juleisy y Karla at Sweet Liberty. Ratchet sounds were provided by Otto Von Schirach.

Otto Von Schirach


Jack Daniels Motel No 7

Miami, FL-  Jack Daniels Motel No 7 was quite the party. With in SOHO Studios, the event created a motel with various rooms and environments for people to enjoy. You could even take a dip at the pool!

Ja Rule

Robbie Rivera