Characters of San Francisco

San Francisco, CA- San Francisco has a wide variety of people that live there. You really get to see so much more when you are using public transportation and walking everywhere. Here are some of the interesting characters I came across.


Owl City and Action Item at Revolution 9-8-12

Ft. Lauderdale, FL- I'm not too familiar with Owl City or Action Item, they are not my genre of choice, but I guess they are a big deal because the place was packed with screaming kids..... and the few parents along for the field trip. Check out the full gallery over at New Times. Here are my favorites, which actually didn't make the edit. Funny how it works out like that sometimes.

Crazy amount of pedals 


The Mission

San Francisco, CA- For the first day of our trip to California, we headed over to The Mission were we had lunch at the Mission Beach Cafe and then walked around the area.

Delores Park

Clarion Way is known for it's graffiti and street art