Marlins Mermaid & Manatee Tryouts

I was assigned by New Times to cover the Marlins 2011 Mermaid and Manatee Tryouts. First were the Manatees, who are the heavier male counterpart to the beautiful Mermaids. I was surprised to even see one guy do a split! The Mermaid tryout had a little more competition and overall I could say I didn't hate my job. To see more photos check out the slideshow at New Times



Keenan Cahill at Caliente

I was hired by The Gab Group this past weekend to photograph at Caliente on Atlantic Ave in Delray Beach. Youtube star, Keenan Cahill, hosted the night. Yes, it was at a bar, and yes, he is 15 years old. All night fans asked to take photos with him. He performed (lip synced) a few songs and the crowd ate it up....


Grassy Waters Preserve

Grassy Waters Preserve is a wetland nature preserve and a water supply of the city of West Palm Beach. I was initially going to integrate my photos from my trips there into a photo essay, but the images I created were more on the artistic side. Here are my favorites from the second visit. You can also see the first


Boca Raton Water Treatment Plant

As part of my bottled water photo essay assignment for my Photojournalism class, I photographed the local water treatment plant. In many ways it was similar to me photographing a brochure for the plant. I wanted to show the extensive treatment that the city's water goes through. One interesting fact I found out was that Publix actually bottles their water in Deerfield Beach from the same source as the city. Many different companies use the public's water. This is the process from start to finish, made as interesting as possible.


BTS with Michael Raveney for Aspex Easy Twist

The Aspex Easy Twist line is the Aspex line of glasses that are crazy flexible and will not change shape. Michael posed the contortionist to reflect the ways the glasses could be bent. I was amazed at the positions that she could put her body in.