The Story Behind the Picture: Dancegiving

Sometimes they say a picture can tell a thousand words right? Well, sometimes it is nice to hear the actual story behind how a picture is created. So I thought I would start a series of blog posts on the story behind the picture.The full gallery is over at New Times

For this image, I was covering Dancegiving, an all day electronic music festival in downtown Ft. Lauderdale at Revolution, The Green Room, and America's Backyard. I had already been at the event for 9 hours and the music was starting to blend together. The lighting was pretty rough all day, but I kept on trying different things to make it work. The headliner, Steve Aoki, was playing and after taking a few photos on stage I headed to the back area to take a little break. As I was talking to someone, one of the event's staff made his way to the stage entrance with an inflatable raft and told someone "this shit is about to get crazy". That's all I had to hear for I know Steve Aoki tends to crowd surf. I immediately headed to the crowd. I really wanted the epic shot of Steve Aoki crowd surfing in the inflatable raft (where did they get it?), but a few minutes later as I am packed in the middle of the crowd, out comes the raft......

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Margarita said...

Great shot!
I think it is pretty cool to hear the story behind it too. Good job Alex :)