Trip to New England

I've been meaning to post these for a while now. I went on a trip to New England in May for my cousin's graduation and  to see some of my family. It's always good to see family and get a chance to photograph them.

We started off the trip by visiting my grandpa. 

Next it was off to my cousin Nikki's graduation from Northeastern. After we headed out for some lunch around Faneuil Hall

I'm sure everyone has the family member that obnoxiously takes photos with their phone. 

Cousin Nikki and Uncle Pete

After graduation we headed down to Cape Cod to celebrate

Stuffed Mushrooms

Pete and Emily

One of the things I always notice when I travel is how the landscape is different from where I live. The color palette of stuff like the leaves, trees, and buildings is just different, especially during season's we don't have in Florida. Here are some photos I took during a walk in one of the parks in Cape Cod and I tried to capture the difference.

After spending time with my dad's side, my brother and I got to spend a few days with my mom's side. It had been a while since we got to see any of them and it was good to catch up. All of a sudden the little kids I remembered weren't so little anymore and there were new additions.

I still don't know how he can stretch his neck that much.

I took a some set up portraits of Patrick

I'll tell ya what, my grandma is a pistol. I think she has the right though after raising so many kids. I am glad I was able to get an environmental portrait of her in her apartment.

My cousin Corey was nice enough to give us a tour of the city.

Boston Common

Team Backpack!

 It definitely brought me back to the days of little league when we got to catch on of my cousin Ben's baseball games. Those were the days when it was just all about having fun. I was pretty bad ass back then too.

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