International Noise Conference 2014 at Churchill's

Miami, FL- The International Noise Conference has been my introduction to Churchill's. I live a few minutes away now and can't believe that I haven't been there before. The place has such character and I look forward to shooting there more. I think I will be putting a long term project together.

There is something really special about the conference and the people that attend as Liz Tracy says in her review after her own performance, "At INC, you cannot truly lose or suck or be anything but whatever the fuck you are, and everyone will tell you "you were great" anyway. There's nothing more beautiful that that." You will see the weirdest shit and it's all good. It really was an open forum for people to express themselves.  I kept thinking to myself as a room full of people listened to someone pour their emotions out while screaming into a mic for 10 minutes as absolute torturing noise played that it was a form of therapy. Most artist would suddenly finish their performance and the feedback would go silent and with the contrasting silence you would get a feeling that there was a release of energy in the room. All to start  again as the next performer's distortion began. 


Otto Von Schirach

Nick Klein


Clang Quartet

Unicorn Hard On

Reverend Mother Flash

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