311 and State Radio at Bayfront Park

 I was unaware that State Radio would be opening up for 311 and was stoked when I found out. I am a fan of the lead singer's former band, Dispatch, and also enjoy State Radio's music. The lighting wasn't great, but we were allowed to shoot 20 minutes of their set which helped.

Every so often State Radio would come together around the drummer and I was just waiting to get a killer action shot. I snapped the shutter at the decisive moment as the drummer had his hands up and the lead singer on the right had his knee all the way up ready to spin. 


The lead singer had an interesting metal box guitar.

 The drummer was close enough to the pit for me to get some good shots with my 24-70mm lens.

I've seen 311 a few times and have always enjoyed their show. They are great to photograph, but a great close up photo of SA eludes me. He is always bouncing around the stage and doesn't stop moving. Nick, the lead singer, got the spotlight over SA for the majority of the 3 songs.


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