Dubfire and Apollo V @ Gryphon

     I had been looking forward to this night for a while. Dubfire's tracks and mixes have been on my playlist for a while now. Even better, my friend Apollo V got the slot for the opener. I've shot Gryphon plenty of times and continue to try different ideas and get better shots.
    My goal for this night was to get some killer shots using blue and red gelled flashes on opposite sides of the DJ. Using my pocketwizards, I could trigger them from anywhere in the club. Freezing the DJ with my flash, I then dragged the shutter to bring out the rest of the club. Those without the blue and red flash are shot with a similar concept using on camera flash directed towards the DJ.

I love Dubfire's style and he had the club moving. I had to tell myself to stand still while taking long exposure.

 I would of liked to of shot more of Dubfire with colored flash, but the DJ booth was packed and this limited my angles.

Dubfire and Apollo V

A few crowd shots from the night


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