Public Service Announcement: Stop Smoking. Smell Better.

This Public Service Announcement was an assignment for my advertising class. PSA's give photographers freedom because you don't have to create "desire" for a product or service. You are promoting a cause or organization, which can be done in so many different ways. My inspiration for this ad was the daily occurence of being in close proximity of someone who has just smoked a cigarette. It is a signature smell, that pungeant sharp biting odor of a freshly smoked cigarette on someone's clothes. To create this ad, I shot a Marlboro cigarette box and cologne bottle seperately. In Photoshop, I was able to place the sprayer on the box and also change the branding on the box.  I added a shadow and highlight on the sprayer to give it depth and have also slightly changed the perspective of the text so it doesn't look flat. I thought about photographing the smoke, but it was so much easier to use a smoke brush. For the class we not only have to produce an image but also the ad itself.


Kevon said...

I really like the concept of this image. Well done.

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