Apollo Vendetta Promo Cover

I previously shot Apollo Vendetta during his DJ set opening up for Dubfire at Gryphon. Here is the promo cover put together by graphic designer Joe Brent.

Along with the blue and green light trails, I also gave him the choice of red and yellow.

To start, the portrait was shot with a single flash with side lighting. Going into the shoot I thought about maybe doing something in post with backgrounds or overlays so I also took blurred photos of the city lights from the high rise balcony. Using an image of blurred city lights I overlayed them over his face. The vibrant color was created by altering the hue and saturation.

Here are some other shots we took from the balcony with downtown Miami in the background. In the first photo I added city lights in his sunglasses. I thought for the close up it would be a bit cheesy to add lights. 


Here's another shot with side lighting , using a wall inside the apartment as background.

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