Bonnaroo 2010

  Pot smoke and hippie stank.  Blue skies and a looming sun.  The 9th annual Bonnaroo music festival continued the tradition of great music and expression.  There is a certain freedom that you feel on the grounds of the Bonnaroo farm in Manchester, Tennessee.  
  A wide variety of music awaited festival attendees in Centaroo from the traditional jam bands of Bonnaroo past to the hip hop of Jay Z and Jay Electronica.  Conan O’brien headlined the comedy tent as part of his comeback stage show.  As the days turned to nights, the glow sticks and lasers came out. Electronic DJ’s such as Deadmau5 and The Crystal Method played late into the night.



 Jay Electronica

Manchester Orchestra

Miike Snow

Neon Indian

Tokyo Police Club

I think of all the pictures I took of people, this one represents what it's like to be at Bonnaroo the most.

Bonnaroo is a great place to take pictures. You can people watch all you want.

This guy was a trip. Or shall I say on a trip. He was creating a sun pattern in the mud at a pace of a 3 yr old. He was in his own little world.

Centaroo at night is a different place. I experimented with photographing through 3-D glasses

I've been really into textures and abstract up close images. Here is Bonnaroo by look and feel

What really makes Bonnaroo is the atmosphere. Camping has it's cons, but it can be worth the experience. 

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smashalotobot said...

ahhhh brings me back... don't think i have the energy for another one... the first three and 2009 was more than enough bonn for one person. awesome pics!! -smash