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With today's media world there are so many sources of information on whatever topic you so desire. Websites and blogs are my main source of information on the industry of photography. Others have asked me before about what outlets I follow so I've decided to compile a list. I recommend subscribing to blogs by email if possible. I receive emails on my phone and can go through posts while I am out and about.

Industry News

PDN- Photo District News - PDN is the leading photography industry magazine. They are well connected with inside interviews and surveys of the industry. They offer a subscription along with their print magazine.
ASMP Florida - ASMP's South Florida chapter's blog. 

A Photo Editor - Former photo director Rob Haggart does a great job of aggregating all sorts of news and information in the publishing industry on his blog. The particular series, Ask Anything, gives a lot of great insight into the publishing world through Art Buyers Amanda Sosa Stone and Suzanne Sease with help from their friends.

Wonderful Machine - Wonderful Machine represents photographers all around the world. Their blog consists of some of their photographers work and also great informational posts on the details of how they bid they're jobs or events they attend.

Bernstein & Andriulli - B & A is a creative artist management agency. It's good to see what other artists are producing around the world.

Photographer's Blogs

Joe McNally - McNally's blog is a real gem with posts on all sorts of lighting situations. He is constantly on the road teaching and posts photos from his lighting seminars. A champion of off camera flash, this guys has photographed everything. 

Chase Jarvis - Jarvis is everywhere on the web and now even more with his Creative LIVE sessions. His blog is more focused around inspiration and promoting creativity with his work sprinkled in.

Carlos Baez- A great wedding and fashion photographer in the Miami area. He has been a guest speaker in one of my classes and I have had the chance to assist with him.

Ryan Brenizer - My favorite wedding photographer. He's creates amazing composites with shallow depth of field that are just awesome.

Robert Seale - Seale is out of Houston. He has great lighting and is also generous with his explanation of his set ups. 

Stephen Poff - I was originally introduced to Poff from his 365 self portrait project on Flickr. He's really creative and will explain his dramatic lighting set ups on his blog.

Finn O'Harra - A Toronto based photographer. He has a really clean aesthetic. I think it's interesting to see what photographers out of the country are doing. Check out his big production shoot with the Toronto Maple Leafs.

The Selby - Clean, bright, environmental portraits.

Steve McCurry- COLOR. McCurry's photos are the best example of kodachrome film. He was actually given the last roll ever produced.  A celebrated photojournalist, his most famous image is of the Afghan Girl that was on the cover of National Geographic.

World Redeye - I have photographed for Seth Browarnik on and off for a few years now. Him and his team cover Miami and South Beach.


NY Times Lens Blog- New York Times photographers. 'Nuff said.

Broward Palm Beach New Times- One of the publications I shoot for. Good to keep up on the local happenings.

Educational Blogs

Strobist - Strobist was my introduction to lighting with off camera flash. Along with David Hobby's regular post, the site has a great Lighting 101

dpBestFlow - ASMP's informational blog on Digital Asset Management.
A Photo Assistant - Freelance photo assistant Tim Olsen's blog with advice and information on assisting.

ASMP Strictly Business - They say having a successful photography career is a whole lot more about business then taking pictures. ASMP's business blog is a great way to stay up to date. 

 Design Instruct - Design Instruct is not directly related to photography, but has a lot of great tutorials on Photoshop, design and web.

The Photoletariat - The Photoletariat contains "how to's" and "10 best" types of posts.


Skope - A national website out of Boston that I work for time to time

Rcrd LBL - Good source of up and coming artists and free downloads.

Spin - They've been around forever and have done a good job with their website.

Culture Climax - A friends blog out of Orlando. 

Any other recommendations? I will contribute more to this post as I add more to my daily habit.

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Jorge Parra Photography said...

Dear Alex.

On behalf of the ASMP South Florida Chapter, an acting as President for the Chapter, I appreciate the inclusion of our humble Blog into your must-visit list of blogs.

We are trying our best to make this Chapter a fully functional unit focused on bringing prosperity to our members, and the plans we keep building and re-building have this as main goal.

Thanks for staying tuned!

Speaking of which don't keep your eyes off our "Celebration of the Female Vision: Women Photographers in South Florida" event we are planning for november the 9th. A great homage to all women shooters from the area, that will have not only an exhibition, but also Discussion Panels , conferences and Round Tables, as elements of the meeting.


Jorge Parra