Pursuit of an Essay

One of the things that has kept me busy over the last few weeks has been my Photojournalism class. The long term main project of the class is a photo essay on either a topic related to water or consumerism. I decided to kind of do a little bit of both when I chose my essay to be about the inefficiencies of consuming water through bottles. Of course there are some situations where bottled water is necessary, but the bottled water companies have capitalized. Their clever use of mountains and springs to advertise has influenced the population even though, in numerous cases, tests have shown tap water to be better then bottled water. In fact, one third of all bottled water is from the tap. The creation of the water bottles also has a negative effect. “Each year the making of all the bottled waters in the United States uses enough oil and energy to fuel a million cars.”(The Story of Bottled Water). Even more energy and oil is spent distributing the bottled water.

Check out this awesome video "The Story of Bottled Water" created by The Story of Stuff Project that kind of got me going on the subject

My thesis for my photo essay is that bottled water is not an efficient way to consume water and has a negative effect on the environment. From the creation to distribution, bottled water uses energy that could be saved by drinking tap water.

I don't want to post the essay till it is complete, but here is an image of a chain link fence that I took while at Mount Trashmore, the local landfill.

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Not to mention that the plastic leaches PCBs which are known to cause cancer