Deadmau5 at Mansions shot for Red Eye Productions

Deadmau5 played a sick set and the crowd was going off. The stage set up that he had with LED lights and screens brought it up a notch. Tough to photograph, but great for the club. My friends had a table at the first row of VIP tables and I got a great vantage point from standing on the couches.

Mansion was packed and there were people dancing everywhere.

For the opening DJ, the dancers rocked the mouse helmets themselves. I am not gonna lie, you could tell that the dancers had trouble breathing through the helmets as they danced.

The dancers went without the helmets for Deadmau5 and they brought it. 


Through the night I switched off from my usual 24-70mm lens and used a 10.5mm fisheye. A friend let me use the lens for the night and I took full advantage. With such a wide view, you can get so much of the club in the frame. Sometimes the fisheye can make things too distorted for my personal taste and I tried to keep people and subjects more toward the middle of the frame to reduce the circular warp.

If I took your photo during the night or you would like to see more photos from the night, you can view the full gallery at Mansion's website.

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