I got a chance to shoot with Karen at her house last week. Unfortunatley, when I showed up at her place I realized that I was missing the hot shoe mount for one of my light stands. The hot shoe mount is a little piece of metal that attaches my flash to my light stand. Through out the night we created ways to use another flash by putting it on a stool or placing it on other things.

For these shots on her couch, I actually taped the flash to her curtain railing. I recommend if you do something like this, make sure your tape is extremely strong. Last thing you would want would be your flash to fall. I used the flash taped to the curtain railing placed out of frame high to the left for a hard mainlight. I added fill with a reflective umbrella on axis with camera.

For the next set up I brought my 9" white backdrop and we were able to fit it in her living room. Karen looked great in the overalls and boots. The red bra and her sex appeal really brought it all together. These are shot with a single reflective umbrella.

I really worked on this pose with Karen and tried to create a logo/icon type pose of a "cowgirl"

For her third outfit, Karen wanted to do some simple portraits that she could send to her family. 

Karen has all sorts of outfits, costumes, wigs, and random things in her collection. Don't try to break into her apartment because she will take the samurai sword out on you. She had the robe to match and we got creative. One of the things about Karen is she is very versatile with the looks that she can pull off. She pulled this pose off silently.

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