The Dr's 50th

The Dr. is an influential person in the community and it showed. The night was a celebration of her birthday and all that she has contributed to so many people's lives. Through the night, friends and family thanked the Dr. and praised her for achievements.

The celebration included several dance performances by her daughter and company.


 The Dr and her children

The star kid of the night

When I first I arrived at the clubhouse I was worried about the white balance of all the lights inside. There were tungsten and fluorescent lights and everything in between. Gelling my flash was not an option. I always want to give the client the ability to choose between color and black and white, so for the majority of the night, I shot at a high ISO and relied on my fast glass. My favorite shots from the night are the over the shoulder compositions, creating the relationship of the speaker and who they are talking to. It's a composition that I picked up though my Videography class at school. Over the shoulder is a commonly seen composition in film.

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