Class 310: Seal Strong Nation Challenge

I am leaning more and more towards the editorial side of photography and this was a personal project to develop my photojournalism portfolio. The Seal Strong Nation Challenge is a 36 hour test of physical and mental endurance. The instructors, former Seals and Marines, put the challengers through hell. The challenge gives those who enter a taste of what it would be like to go through the Seal's week long entry test, B.U.D.S.

I really enjoyed spending time with the challengers and their instructors. I spent around a total of 12 hours with the challengers over a the 36 hour challenge. As I went to bed each night I lay in bed thinking that the challengers were probably freezing in the surf or doing push up after push up.  I definitely have respect for the challengers and what they put their bodies through. I couldn't imaging laying in the surf in 60 degree water with just your skivvies on.

This is the book I put together for the project through Blurb to get an idea of the final product. Unfortunately you can only see the first 15 pages.

My favorite

Here are the images from start to finish

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