Quince Portraits: Mia

Ahh to be a teenager again. These first portraits were shot at the Boca Raton Resort and also the Resort's Beach Club. At the beach we were joined by all of Mia's friends. It was an interesting scene as I was photographing Mia on the rocks and I turned around to my own photo shoot with all of her friends taking pictures of me.

The second location is an auditorium at the Boca Raton Community Hospital. We had originally planned to use the theater at Mia's school, but we're unable to get approved through administration. The auditorium itself is quite drab, so I limited the images to the stage itself. For the more environmental images I used the house lights and added a hair light. For the closer in portraits I also used a shoot through umbrella for fill, still using the front spotlight as the main light. 

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