El Paradon, Guatemala

El Paradon, Guatemala- The Mystical Yoga Farm has begun to develop another property in the sleepy beach town of El Paradon. Right on the beach, waking up for the surf in the morning is a daily ritual. The sun comes up and you begin to hear the waves over the dunes.

I experimented with some long exposures using my tripod on the beach

Starting your day with yoga while watching the surf build was great.  

The local surfers were pretty rad. It was cool to be able to share my photos with them. They were so stoked to see pictures of themselves. 

Chuck just looks like a surfer. 

Scott was a great host. What's better then a massage on the beach? He's also done some of the art at the property. 

Henry and Crissy are such a rad couple and again were great tour guides. 

There wasn't much going on in town during the weekend with school being out. 

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