Lake Atitlán, Guatemala

Lake Atitlán, Guatemala- During my stay at the Mystical Yoga Farm I was able to travel around to a few different towns on the lake. I spent the most time in the town of Santiago, but also spent a day in San Pedro and San Marcos.

The smoke rises from Santiago as its people light their breakfast fires. 

The town of Santiago was holding a big festival to celebrate one of their saints the first weekend I was there. 

The ferris wheel looked really unsafe and it revolved faster then any other ferris wheal I have seen. 

The operator used pedals to control the tractor motor that powered the wheel.

At 6'4 I stood out amongst a crowd of dancing drunk Guatemalans averaging 5 ft. 

You will find dogs are often left on the street to fend for themselves, but there are a few that are kept close as pets.

The lake supposedly has been rising a meter every year and it's obvious when you arrive in San Pedro. 

We visited the Yoga Forest when we had a day in San Marcos. It is located up in the hills of the town with great views and a great vibe.

Some of the various things they sell around the lake

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