The Mystical Yoga Farm of Guatemala

Lake Atitlán, Guatemala- I was given the opportunity to travel to Guatemala and photograph the Mystical Yoga Farm on Lake Atitlán for two weeks. Overall, the trip was a pretty magical experience and the lake itself is such an amazing place. The Mystical Yoga Farm will be using the images to update their website.

When you first get to Lake Atitlán you are immediately taken in by how beautiful it is. I was picked up by boat from Santiago and was in awe of the view. The surrounding volcanos are an epic backdrop to the lake. The farm is located in the corner of the lake near the small mostly Mayan town of Chacayá.

Each day begins with a morning meditation and then yoga class after. 

The people that I met were all so friendly and everyone had a great vibe. As you can see, everyone had a smile on their face. 

My trip was made so much better by Henry and Crissy who were my tour guide for most of the trip as I traveled around the lake. 

I was a little concerned about eating vegetarian for two weeks, but damn the food was good. Pedro and Natalia do a great job of providing three meals a day. 

The property itself has some great accommodations and is nestled in at the base of the volcano San Pedro. 

One of my favorite days was when we went sailing. To take in the lake at the pace of a sail boat is a beautiful thing. 

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