Chris Parfitt Test Shoot

My friend Chris asked me to help him put together some photos that he could bring to agencies to get his foot in the door. I split it up into two days with the first being at my house. I had a white backdrop set up in my living room and used my Nikon SB800 and SB24 for the shoot.

For another type of lightings set up I used the large window that is in the corner of my living room. To reflect the window light I hung a 8ft x 4ft strip of background paper from the ceiling on the other side of Chris. I did some with only natural light and a few with a shoot thru umbrella on axis with camera.


 For the second part of the day we went outside to my backyard. Behind my building used to be a golf course but its been closed for years and we now call it a "nature preserve". The black and white photo with Chris sitting down is great, but I let him know he should refrain from the "pull my finger" fart joke grip.

 On the second day we went to the beach early in the morning. The early morning light was great. One of the goals of the beach shoot was to get a good shot for Chris with his shirt off. I also wanted to get a good profile shot with some sunglasses.


 Toward the end of the shoot we took a short break and I started to look around the beach and brainstorm a little bit. I had gotten what I wanted from the beach scene with Chris, but I like to think things over and review before leaving the location. As I surveyed the beach with two fisherman on the rocks and subtle waves strolling in, I joked with Chris "Why couldn't you be a beautiful girl in a bikini? I've got all sorts of ideas for that." I definitely got more comfortable with the dialogue I should have with a male model from this shoot, but I have an easier time telling girls how great they look then guys.

Here are some out takes from the beach after we finished shooting. It's great to get up early and enjoy the freshness of a sunrise at the beach.

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