Mary and Steve's Wedding

I had the chance to photograph Mary and Steve's wedding about a month ago. It was a small wedding at Mary's daughter's house. The ceremony was planned to take place outside in the backyard. The scene was set for it to be a great ceremony on a slightly overcast day around 6 o'clock. Awesome, I thought. Great time of day, great weather. Well, overcast turned into cloudy, then to rain. The wedding was moved inside. No problem. The bride and groom didn't seem to mind and the ceremony commenced. The best thing about photographing a wedding is that everyone is in good spirits. This day was for Mary and Steve and celebrating their marraige.

Here's is my favorite of the formal shots. The boys popping open some beers.

How about this little guy posing while enjoying a cookie?

And the all important wedding cake.

After the ceremony I was able to sit down Mary and Steve and get a great shot with them at the head of the table.

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