My good friend, rapper Jonny Lyrks, introduced me to Warchild a couple of weeks ago. He is an up and coming rapper looking to make moves. He was impressed by my photos that I have done with Lyrks, and asked me to do his press kit. We met at the studio and I was initially going to shoot these portraits in front of the large garage door of the studio. As I was setting up the neighboring warehouse door flew open in the wind and unvieled an empty warehouse. Since it was so windy, I was not going to be able to set up my umbrellas and we moved the shoot inside of the empty warehouse. I went with black seamless paper for a background.  Lately I have really been into lighting with side light. With Warchild having dark skin and using a black
background I wanted the highlights to give shape to his face and contrast with the background.


In this shot, I used a small home made soft box right below camera on axis to give Warchild some attitude.

For these two profile shots I went for more drama. One of the features of Warchild that really stands out is his Pharoahesque goatee. Great for a profile shot.

   I've been hanging out at Jonny's studio every so often and the music being created is definitely worth checking out. Rekstar, the producer of the studio, puts together some amazing beats. I finally was able to get Rekstar to take some photos. I really nailed the right fill ratio I wanted.

Check out Warchild's music

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