Legendary JC's and The People Upstairs @ Propaganda

This was my second outing since starting my project on Propaganda. This time I brought my light stands into the place and in between shooting the performances I took photo booth style portraits. I didn't want to stage the portraits so I just let the subjects do what they want and caught some candid reactions to friends. To get a more natural pose shooting in a public situation like this, I will sometimes pretend like I am not paying attention to them or adjusting things with my camera. When they relax or make gestures is when I'll take the shot.

Here are some live shots of the night:

The People Upstairs

The local "Rock Funk Reggae" band

The Legendary JC's
 If you like funky soul music I would definitely recommend The Legendary JC's . Frontman Eugene "Denzel" Snowden puts on a show. On and off stage, drinks at the bar, breaking it down, the guy is an entertainer.

Towards the end of the night a lot of the couples started dancing. My good friend Mike Mineo, who I have done photos for, and his girlfriend Elle were having a blast.

The two bands were nice enough to get together post show and take some group photos. For these I used a reflective umbrella and some fill flash. I kept it simple and worried about getting the band together.


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