Propaganda: A Photo Essay

I have now begun a photo essay project on the venue Propaganda in Lake Worth. The photo essay will be my final project for my Photojournalism class this semester. The final product will be a book printed through Blurb. I will be going to Propaganda over the next few months as much as possible.

I am excited for the project because I think it I will be able to show people exactly what I can do. It is not so much about each night but shooting towards a a greater goal. My goal is to show more then just the performances. I want to cover the scene and the people that attend. I am planning on doing portraits of the people that work their and as many of the bands as possible. With the portraits I will have accompanying interviews about the venue, what it means to them and more. This is an evolving project and I am excited.

I made it out to Propaganda this past Wednesday October 7th. It was my birthday and also J.P's of Surferblood. The band that went on before Surferblood, Satan's Youth Ministers, was a sight to see. Here's Judas Mascarius, lead singer for SYM, before the show.


Here is how he ended up.

One thing that drew me to the idea of covering Propaganda was the cast of characters that
hang out at the venue. Here is Krissa.

Surferblood once again put on a great set. After the show I got a chance to shoot some candid shots of the giddy post-show band fooling around. One of the themes I will be continuing with is the group shot in a candid style. Instead of just using the best show of the band, I am going to aim to have a series of images to represent a band.


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