An Afternoon Stroll

Here are some photos I took on my afternoon stroll along the boardwalk at the beach. These continue my recent direction of photographing abstract things and textures. Symmetry at work if I say so myself.

Those that live by the beach often take it for granted, but looking at these images of the sand and water makes me think of going to the beach and just relaxing with the enjoyment of the sand beneath your feet and the slight ambiance of the waves.

My friend had this book that attempted to connect a taste to an image. Each image had dissolving sheets of flavor similar to the Listerine sheets. The one I tried was an image of a sunny side up egg. Apparently the book was old and the flavor was that of melted plastic. Needless to say the idea of connecting the human senses to an image has stuck in my head. So imagine the sand in between your toes.......

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