A Weekend in Melbourne

o it's the middle of July and there's surf. Why not head up coast right? I can admit that catching a wave alludes me. It's going to happen though. I am in training. At least that's what I tell myself.

Surfing is one of those things that I would love to photograph more of when I have a nice telephoto lens or underwater housing. For this trip I primarily used a Canon AE-1 with an old manual focus 300mm 5.6 lens. I explained to my buddy's that I was with that shooting surf with the telephoto manual focus lens was like a video game. It was really tough to focus. It's been a while since I have shot film and my AE-1 tends to have some light leaks that give it an interesting look.

My friend Leo

The local Mexican spot Da Kine Diego's

I also shot some digitally with the cheapy Nikon 75-300mm lens. The lens is super soft, but compared to the AE-1, my Nikon D300 shoots a lot quicker.

My friend Keith, whose house we stayed at.

Keith always jokes with me that I'll be out on on the beach shooting surf, but whenever he gets a sick wave I'll be off taking pictures of something on the beach or the landscape.The first one reminds me of how captivating the beach can be when you are so young.

After the BLORR show on Saturday, we headed over to someone's house for some pool. 

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