Test with Christina

Christina is an old friend from my days at UCF. I was visiting Orlando recently where she still lives and we discussed doing a shoot for her portfolio. She was down for the weekend so we only had one day to shoot. The weather was pretty dreadful and extremely muggy, but we were able to get a couple looks before it started pouring. It was so muggy that I could barely see through the viewfinder with my foggy glasses. Make up was done by Chantelle Tarride


 The location is Jimbo's place. The spot is locally renowned for people using it for a photo or video location. I had scouted the location before the shoot, a great day to shoot of course, and got some cool photos of the area. The place is real funky with a few regulars that hang around the property. I had a bunch of different ideas for the shoot, but the weather just didn't cooperate.

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