Barn Jam with The Heavy Pets and Fusik on 6-25-2010

The night before the show I ran into a friend that told me about it and it went something like this, "You should come out to The Heavy Pet's show tomorrow night. It's at this farm out west and they've got a barn. They're calling it Barn Jam. Twenty bucks to get in and all you can drink. Yeah man....."

On a farm with a barn. Yeah man. My ankles are still itching from the mosquito bites on my ankles!

Here are some photos I took using light trails off hoola hoops and glow sticks.

The atmosphere and crowd definitely had the festival vibe on a smaller scale. Is my face melting?


For the first time putting together an event, the organizers, Brandon and Justin, did a great job. The sound was great and The Heavy Pets didn't stop playing till 3:30 AM. They can definitely jam out. The night was opened by the funk band Fusik.


A.Z.Myers said...

Looks fuuun!!
I love the glow pics

Nikki said...

love the hula!!